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Karats History

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Mr. T.R. Anand

Would he ever imagine that one of his own would follow his family's footsteps and expand the business to new heights and in new parts across the globe? IT was because of his vision that the family moved from the western part of the country after India became independent in 1947, under the British rule to New Delhi, where he worked closely with his eldest son, D.C, Anand and the other six sons to establish a business all over again in a new part of the country with all the old values of integrity, customer service and dedication to quality. He still remains as a strong pillar in the growth of the family business and a well respect and looked upon name in the Anand family.

Mr. D.C. Anand image

Mr. D.C. Anand

The man who took the Anand family business to new heights after moving and expanding his store to a new location in the heart of New Delhi, India which today stands as one of the most prestigious and well respected businesses of India in the jewelry industry.His passion and dedication to the industry and the respect of fellow jewelers in the industry got him elected year after year as the President of the jewelry association of New Delhi for fifteen consecutive years before he retired to spend time with his family and loved ones yet being active and guiding his sons and grandsons to achieve new heights through his experience.

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Mr. Shammi Anand

The fifth generation in the business learned form his father and uncles in an early age and became an integral part of the business his father and grandfather established through commitment to customer service and making sure every one walked out with a smile across there face. His loyal dedication to the Anand family and the business helped him teach his brothers the best tricks of the trade that he learned under the guidance of his father and grandfather in his early days of training. With the support of his brothers and working with his father, the family achieved name, fame and respect not only in India but through the world. Today Mr. Shammi Anand works closely with his brothers and his son Andy to make sure they maintain the highest ethical standards of the family and the business that has brought them to where they are today.

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Mr. Akshay Andrew Anand


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They say "The more the thing change the more they stay the same", would be true for Andy Anand who runs and operates a beautiful high end store in Overland Park, KS. Being the sixth generation in the business and having learned from the best of the best in the industry, Andy continues the tradition of maintaining the highest standards of quality, customer service and providing the Kansas Citian with an experience unparalleled to any in the industry today. Mr. Anand, who maintains a visible presence at Karats, knows what it is to achieve and establish a business with integrity and customer serif. And he should, as he hails from a family that has achieved huge amounts of recognition around the world.

Kansas Rotary Invocation

Akshay Andrew Anand's involvement with the Rotary Club

As Karats grows under the umbrella of the Anand family, Andy's dedication and loyalty to the family and business has made Karats a known and respected name in Kansas City today.

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