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Jewelry Education

Sustainable jewelry can be defined as jewelry that has been produced using socially and environmentally responsible practices. This practice starts at the precious metal and mineral mines and continues to the design and production process.


Mining ore to produce enough gold for a single ring creates up to twenty tons of environmental waste. To reduce our carbon footprint, KARATS Jewelers uses recycled precious metals for custom jewelry and repairs, and we partner with manufacturers and designers that also follow this practice.


KARATS Jewelers guarantees that all of our diamonds are conflict-free. We follow the Kimberley Process to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds (rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against governments). We adhere to strict requirements that ensure our diamonds are not funding violence.

Production Process

We have partnered with designers and manufacturers that use environmentally responsible practices during their production process. Strenuous standards of air and water quality are followed to ensure that emissions do not contribute to industrial waste, therefore reducing our negative impact on the planet. KARATS Jewelers has made a commitment to offering timeless quality jewelry that you can feel good about wearing.The Kimberley Process is law in 69 countries and is backed by the United Nations.

What is The Kimberley Process?

Conflict diamonds came to the attention of the world media during the extremely brutal conflict in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. The UN, governments, the diamond industry and non-governmental organizations (such as Global Witness, Amnesty International and Partnership Africa Canada), recognized the need for a global system to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond supply chain and thus helping to fund conflict. They developed an agreement called the Kimberley Process, which requires participating governments to ensure that each shipment of rough diamonds be exported/imported in a secure container, accompanied by a uniquely numbered, government-validated certificate stating that the diamonds are from sources free of conflict

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